Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea Time Pincushion

I always keep all my little piece of fabrics in a box. When I need some of them for my project, I need time for looking a right piece that I want.. fuihhh, maybe I should organize them by their colors next time :)

This 'tea time' bracelet pincushion made from some small pieces of scraps. Look at the motif on that little cup, isn't that cute?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bag 2

We asked some ladies who live near my parent's house to join our Quilting Group, some of them are very interested. My sister gives the piecing lesson, my mom taught them how to quilt and I've got my part  in design (to choose fabrics motif  and colors).

"How to make a bag" is the latest lesson that we shared to these ladies. This one is a sample bag that I made for this project.

I fall in love with these two cute applique flowers.. they turn beautifully after I finish the quilt.

If they (village ladies) ready to make some bags, we like to help them to sale their bags to the city. And we hope it will increase their income for their daily needs.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Art Latte Pincushion

I love  coffee. Am I addicted to coffee? ..well, I don't think so! ..but I am obsessed by the aroma of coffee and how to make a cup of delicious coffee. To learn how to make Art Latte is my next goal, if I have espresso machine.. arghhh it's too expensive!

Well, this Art Latte Pincushion doesn't need espresso machine.. with my sewing machine I made one cup cute art latte, LOL

This cute cup had a tragedy story... I only used it for drinking my coffee twice, then the handle broke when washed... I was sad because I like this cup so much.

So after the cup handle fixed I choose some scrap fabrics and I made the heart shape with paper piecing, and a simple quilt without pattern because I just follow my hand up and down :)
And I'm HAPPY!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Sampler Block Project (for beginner) #1

I met a lady who own the craft store that I used to come for knitting class. She offered me to teach quilting in her store. At first, I not sure about it but my mom and my sister encouraged me to take it.

So, I started to share (I prefer to call it "sharing" then "teaching")  a beginner lesson there once a week. I choose six simple patchwork blocks as "Sampler Block Project" for beginner. And I give 6 times meeting for this package.

1st block for 1st week

2nd block for 1st week

3rd block for 2nd week

4th Block for 2nd week

5th block for 3rd week

6th block for 3rd week

Note: 4th week for finishing all the blocks. Then 5th and 6th weeks for learning how to assemble all the block and finish all the step from batting to quilting process.