Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Corner for my HsweetH Studio

This is my hubby's new corner, very minimalist, clean and tidy. It used to be my corner, my sewing studio.
Two days ago, I moved all my stuff to a new place up stair. I decided to move because the space is getting full of stuff. My stuff of course and all family's member's too. Our dining room have two functions, as a place for eating and as a family's creative place, but over time it becomes very messy...The room was like being a world war... LOL

After a long work, tadaaaaa.. Here is my studio, I hope I can work more creatives and make more projects in this corner. Oh, I love my new corner!

(but I can feel)
My two kids and my hubby are ready with their stuffs and they will join me again in this corner.. Argghh, the war will begin again! LOL

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Doily Crochet

Recently, I've enjoyed crocheting.. I have made some doily. I made one for myself and one for my Mom. My Mom asked for a heart-shape and brightly colored, she said she will put it on the coffee table that my Dad used, hopefully they will like it :)

For my quilting project, I combine this flower doily crochet with stems and leaves applique to a bag gonna be.. it looks so vintage.. I love it!

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Blue Jeans Bag

A couple months ago, my husband asked for the scissors. He said: "I need to cut my old jeansI want to make it into shorts."  ((:
I keep the remaining pieces of his jeansAt that time I did not know what would I make with that jeans material.

This morningwith 2 pieces of cut out jeansI created a simple bagI sewed a heart doily crochet that I made yesterday, and gave some laces too.

If you like to make it, here is the picture of Heart Doily Pattern

I need leather for the handlebut I don't have it right now
WellI think I can use some fabrics for the handle, and I'll change them later when I find a leather handle.