Friday, April 08, 2011

Art Latte Pincushion

I love  coffee. Am I addicted to coffee? ..well, I don't think so! ..but I am obsessed by the aroma of coffee and how to make a cup of delicious coffee. To learn how to make Art Latte is my next goal, if I have espresso machine.. arghhh it's too expensive!

Well, this Art Latte Pincushion doesn't need espresso machine.. with my sewing machine I made one cup cute art latte, LOL

This cute cup had a tragedy story... I only used it for drinking my coffee twice, then the handle broke when washed... I was sad because I like this cup so much.

So after the cup handle fixed I choose some scrap fabrics and I made the heart shape with paper piecing, and a simple quilt without pattern because I just follow my hand up and down :)
And I'm HAPPY!

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Ike Puspaningtyas Harputrianti said...

loved this one....simple cute :)