Thursday, December 26, 2013

Scrappy Simple Speaker

We need a music when we are working aka sewing, don't we?. I asked my daughter to upload some songs from her files to my iPhone, she has nice songs collection.

My iPhone always follow me wherever I go (LOL).. I do have a real speaker and an earphone but today I don't want to use both of them. I made this simple speaker just for fun. Sometime my eyes are getting so tired to sew, so I try to do something else.

You need: Paper towel roll, paper glue, some small scraps and cutter.
Cut a hole that fit for iPhone or other phones. 
The phone side with a speaker should get into the roll.

Cover the roll with scraps, no need to glue it neatly. 
The glue won't show up when it dry.

Mix glue with a little bit of water then apply them all over the scrappy roll. 
Let it dry out completely.

Enjoy your music! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

X-mas Ornament : Christmas Tree

I couldn't send a cake or cookies to you this year, so I've made these videos just for you ;) .. 
Merry Christmas, my dearest friends!

Peace, Joy and Love!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cute Lil' Owl

Tutorial through some pictures, hopefully these steps are easy to understand.


Cute Lil' Owl

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Corner Bookmark.

Today, I am going to meet my sister. We will meet in the center of the city, it's the middle place from where each of us live.. Tangerang - Jakarta - Bekasi. We set our departure at the same time so we will arrive at the same time too in Jakarta :)

But something came up, my sister should go to hospital. Her mother in law has been hospitalized lately (I pray for her health). My sister need to go there first, she told me to wait for her call.

While I was waiting I made this corner bookmark. Original designed by Lindsay Conner.
Very easy to make! ;)

I used one fabric (5"square). Folded in half.

Sew the fabric (I didn't sew the folded side), leave the gap for turning, clip the corner.

Turn it inside out, sew around about 1/8" or 1/4" from edge.

Fold it in half and hand sew only on one side.

 Open it and make into triangle, press it.

Another tutor here

I still wait for my sister's call, I hope everything is fine with her mother in law.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pretty Table Runner : Done.

I always brought this project wherever I go. I thought I could do the quilting on the way because it's only small table runner, but that never happens. I always brought it back home without touching it at all.

But now it's done, I put it beside my sofa and I did the quilting when I watched TV.. (lol)
This table runner looks so pretty on the table.

I edited this picture on Instagram (Sierra), see the original colours below.

I changed my mind from machine quilting to hand quilting :).

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning : X-Block

Good morning, Sunday!
The rainy season started in this month. Trees look green, but the sky is always gray. I need a little colour to bright my day. I think yellow and orange will make me feel more excited.

I cut some strips and made these X-blocks...

I want to make a big quilt, and I think I need a calculator to help me to count how many strips should I cut... Ohhh, I wish I could use the EQ7.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fabrics Hunting : Pasar Baru.

In the early 50's, Pasar Baru is the shopping center of Jakarta. I think some old shops still exist. Dutch people who lived in Jakarta in the 50's should definitely make a sentimental journey to Pasar Baru when they visit Indonesia today. For me, Pasar Baru is a special place. I remember around 1974 my grandmother used to take me to Pasar Baru to buy shoes. And around 1986, I went there with my college friends to see street vendors a long the way of the market.

1885-1900 (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

The shops were predominantly textile retailers, sport goods, shoes. It is a long market selling, you can find all kinds of goods example shirts, pants, fabrics, shoes and many more.

Early 20th century (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

The majority of shops were high end fabrics and tailoring for making a dress or suit... but of course you can find a lot of cotton fabrics too.

My friend told me that "Ratu Busana" shop give 50% off for all fabrics and only for one day.. I met my quilter and crafter friends from all over Jakarta there.. Ohh what a day!

Panic attack!!!
I wanted it all but too much to spend, and I should remember my fabric stacks at home...huhuhuuu!

Mr. Manu the owner said :" Take your time, ibu!". (..very nice guy).
Later, the shop became so mess.. most of the fabric rolls lying on the floor..
I had so much fun and still wanted to stay and look around but that's it, time to stop and pay ;)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fun Project in a Rainy Day: Pretty Table Runner.

These days always raining here, even if it did not rain the sky is always cloudy. And the atmosphere becomes cold, makes us always want to pull up our quilt and back to sleep again or just laze around.

But not today, after having a cup of coffee (look, my coffee table was wet because of the rain).. I want to cheer up my day by cutting some nice fabrics.. Sweet sweet colors: Pink, Green, Blue and Purple.

Table runner, fun project in a rainy day ;) .. I've made simple quilt design and I will quilt it later, I want to practice machine quilt.. hmmmm!

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” 

Find tutorial here.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin : Happy Halloween!


Here's my orange pumpkin.
Big and fat and round.
It's the very best one,
I could find downtown.
Now I need to make a nose.
A mouth.. some eyes.
Or mother will use it..
To cook or bake some pies.
(Author Unknown)

Sweet Pumpkin Soup                         Pumpkin Banana Bread

Last-minute project: Little tote bag with pumpkin appliqué. I made it without a pattern, just cut cut cut then sewed.. I will bring my yarns and knitting needle in it, I like to meet my knitting friends tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!