Thursday, December 26, 2013

Scrappy Simple Speaker

We need a music when we are working aka sewing, don't we?. I asked my daughter to upload some songs from her files to my iPhone, she has nice songs collection.

My iPhone always follow me wherever I go (LOL).. I do have a real speaker and an earphone but today I don't want to use both of them. I made this simple speaker just for fun. Sometime my eyes are getting so tired to sew, so I try to do something else.

You need: Paper towel roll, paper glue, some small scraps and cutter.
Cut a hole that fit for iPhone or other phones. 
The phone side with a speaker should get into the roll.

Cover the roll with scraps, no need to glue it neatly. 
The glue won't show up when it dry.

Mix glue with a little bit of water then apply them all over the scrappy roll. 
Let it dry out completely.

Enjoy your music! 

1 comment:

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