Monday, September 16, 2013

HAPPY IN QUILTING : Akemi Shibata Jakarta Class

I took Akemi Shibata Class for 3 days at Mutiara Craft. Although I was tired because the course was a little bit far from my home and the traffic wasn't good too. And I had to go early in the morning and came back home in the evening and bla bla bla... but I had great times there, no regrets. I met new quilter friends and the most importantly I've got a lot of knowledge about quilting from my "Sensei" (teacher in Japanese), learned about some techniques, colors, fabric motif and texture.

The setting of the class room changed everyday maybe because the number of participants changed.

And the best class room was at the last day class. A place with glasses wall surrounded by trees.. so beautiful!

We were not allowed to upload her project's photos , but I'll show that allowed :)
You can visit her website here.

I plan to join her next class when she visit Indonesia again, I have to save up for it :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crochet Collars

Our quilting party was very successful. Many friends came to my quilting studio.
Everyone looked happy. We held sewing machine demo and I did a "show and tell" for some quilts that I  have made. But, because I was a little bit busy being a host party, I forgot to take any pictures during the party.

This morning after yesterday's party, I wanted to stay home and relax. I took my green yarn and sat on the couch comfortably then started to make a crochet collar.

A couple weeks ago, I've made two collars. White and navy blue. I think I'm going to wear one of them to quilting course by Akemi Shibata on this week or to Cipete Quilt Community Gathering and Exhibition next month...hmmmm!

I've got those patterns from this book
Later, I will make another collar like the picture on this book cover.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hello Sunday: How Are You?

How are you, dear friends?
Something much going on since my latest post.. Not bad things, everything are fine.. A lot of good things happened in those months.. I am just "not in to it" in blogging.. My mind got stuck, didn't know what to write on this blog.. Sorry for that :)

This morning, when I woke up, I took my laptop and.. I'm coming back again to blogging!

Let me tell you a good thing about my quilting activities lately, I had my new studio.. My beloved husband rented a house for our studio. He needs room for his working studio and our son needs a bigger space ( he is in college now).. and the best thing is I've got a space for my hobbies..

My husband liked to bring his works to my studio, we worked together with fun until late.. and sometime we just sat there and had some coffee and enjoyed the music from the Magno radio.

Soon we will have a quilting party here,  I will tell you about it later. :)