Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flower Pincushion

With a few potted plants on a wooden table, I called this place as my little garden. It's my favorite corner.

And I love a green plant as a background when I took some of my photographs.

I made this flower pincushion using my old fabric collection. I had the pattern from my sister. 
This brightly colored flower pincushion makes the perfect joy to my green plants in my little garden :))

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love "Sakura". I took this picture in 2009 at Shinjuku Gyoen,Tokyo. The sweet memories of walking under the cherry blossom trees were still dancing in my mind.

One morning when I was drinking coffee in my "Sakura" cup, my friend who lives in Japan told me because of a bad weather "Sakura" has fallen by the end of March this year, they were blooming in a very short time. So sad.

To cheered up my feeling I draw "Sakura" and I wanted to make an applique.

Sakura is the name for cherry blossom..
Soft wind blowing each petal..
Oh, I miss "Sakura..

I hope they will bloom more longer next year.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Applique Project : "Stay Healthy, Dad!"

Last week my dad had been hospitalized. My mom always accompanied him in the hospital. And thanks God, he just treated for four days only. He is fine now but he still need a long rest at home. 
To pass the time my mom did a quilt for my unfinished project. And I brought some fabrics from home and we made some applique blocks there, while my dad was sleeping.

And my mom helped me to finish up my apron project too.

Thanks, Mom! .. and Dad, stay healthy ok!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Halloween in April

My friend asked me what can she makes with her fabrics, and she showed me her fabrics. She has a lot of fabrics. She loves to do "a fabric hunting" from one store to another store, at the end she bought a lot of fabrics. And she always sent me a picture if she find a nice fabric, very tempting but I still have fabrics in my storage. I stoped to do "a fabric hunting" and still trying hard until now. But when I saw this fabric, I asked my friend to buy it for me too.. and of course with some other fabrics too for the accents.. OMG!

I told my friend she can make 12 block that match with Halloween design.. She wants to make a quilt for her son. I will join her to make the same project and I will give it to my son too.

She sent a SMS and write a message that she already make 4 blocks, she worked so fast.. It was very influenced me to take a fast action too. Well, not that fast.. I only make 6 blocks :(

Tonight, I will going to visit my parent for this long weekend and maybe I will bring this project so I can do the rest there.

Happy long weekend, friends!