Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love "Sakura". I took this picture in 2009 at Shinjuku Gyoen,Tokyo. The sweet memories of walking under the cherry blossom trees were still dancing in my mind.

One morning when I was drinking coffee in my "Sakura" cup, my friend who lives in Japan told me because of a bad weather "Sakura" has fallen by the end of March this year, they were blooming in a very short time. So sad.

To cheered up my feeling I draw "Sakura" and I wanted to make an applique.

Sakura is the name for cherry blossom..
Soft wind blowing each petal..
Oh, I miss "Sakura..

I hope they will bloom more longer next year.


FarahLin said...

Hi, just stumbled upon your blog and you make lovely projects. Your applique work is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more of your work! I'm your newest follower.
Hope your dad is recovering well.

wienblog said...

@FarahLin, thank you so much.