Thursday, April 05, 2012

Halloween in April

My friend asked me what can she makes with her fabrics, and she showed me her fabrics. She has a lot of fabrics. She loves to do "a fabric hunting" from one store to another store, at the end she bought a lot of fabrics. And she always sent me a picture if she find a nice fabric, very tempting but I still have fabrics in my storage. I stoped to do "a fabric hunting" and still trying hard until now. But when I saw this fabric, I asked my friend to buy it for me too.. and of course with some other fabrics too for the accents.. OMG!

I told my friend she can make 12 block that match with Halloween design.. She wants to make a quilt for her son. I will join her to make the same project and I will give it to my son too.

She sent a SMS and write a message that she already make 4 blocks, she worked so fast.. It was very influenced me to take a fast action too. Well, not that fast.. I only make 6 blocks :(

Tonight, I will going to visit my parent for this long weekend and maybe I will bring this project so I can do the rest there.

Happy long weekend, friends!


Ida Syukur said...

Your son, is one lucky guy, Kharis will treasure his Selimut made by his mother, I wish I could do the same for my boys...but then some people have their own talent ya...and this is not I Could have..heheh!

wienblog said...

@Ida Syukur: You can try.. I bet you can make selimut for Abiyyu and Haqi too.. I am very happy to share! ;))