Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crochet Collars

Our quilting party was very successful. Many friends came to my quilting studio.
Everyone looked happy. We held sewing machine demo and I did a "show and tell" for some quilts that I  have made. But, because I was a little bit busy being a host party, I forgot to take any pictures during the party.

This morning after yesterday's party, I wanted to stay home and relax. I took my green yarn and sat on the couch comfortably then started to make a crochet collar.

A couple weeks ago, I've made two collars. White and navy blue. I think I'm going to wear one of them to quilting course by Akemi Shibata on this week or to Cipete Quilt Community Gathering and Exhibition next month...hmmmm!

I've got those patterns from this book
Later, I will make another collar like the picture on this book cover.

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