Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fabrics Hunting : Pasar Baru.

In the early 50's, Pasar Baru is the shopping center of Jakarta. I think some old shops still exist. Dutch people who lived in Jakarta in the 50's should definitely make a sentimental journey to Pasar Baru when they visit Indonesia today. For me, Pasar Baru is a special place. I remember around 1974 my grandmother used to take me to Pasar Baru to buy shoes. And around 1986, I went there with my college friends to see street vendors a long the way of the market.

1885-1900 (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

The shops were predominantly textile retailers, sport goods, shoes. It is a long market selling, you can find all kinds of goods example shirts, pants, fabrics, shoes and many more.

Early 20th century (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

The majority of shops were high end fabrics and tailoring for making a dress or suit... but of course you can find a lot of cotton fabrics too.

My friend told me that "Ratu Busana" shop give 50% off for all fabrics and only for one day.. I met my quilter and crafter friends from all over Jakarta there.. Ohh what a day!

Panic attack!!!
I wanted it all but too much to spend, and I should remember my fabric stacks at home...huhuhuuu!

Mr. Manu the owner said :" Take your time, ibu!". (..very nice guy).
Later, the shop became so mess.. most of the fabric rolls lying on the floor..
I had so much fun and still wanted to stay and look around but that's it, time to stop and pay ;)


Ayu Trisnaningtiyas boebica said...

noted: Ratu Busana.. langsung ngacir ke pasar baru pake M12.. :D Eh..ibu ga nyoba ke pasar atom-nya ya.. pasar yg di bawah..emang sempit sih, tp ada katun2 juga

KimT said...

pretty Fabrics!