Saturday, December 31, 2011


In a few more hours year 2011 will change .. For some reason this year just really flew for me.. My mind is dancing back to the time that has elapsed.  As I thought back.. What did have been done?..  What dreams have come true?  Whatever it is, Thanks God for everything in 2011.

End of my lips was raised, a warm smile accompanied the heart and mind forward into the future. What will be for next year? A million dreams popping up again.. with the hope that it would be better next year.

May you be surrounded by the love of those closest to you.
May the special moments you share help you build warm memories that last a lifetime.


Roos said...

I hope you will have a great 2012 and that all your dreams will come true.

Suze said...

Your work is absolutely amazing. I found your blog through some hunting. An Internet friend had posted a Flickr picture actually of a picture on this paage - the beautiful appliqued pink birds. I love them, too. So, I did some Googling to try to find a blog. I know it's been a long time. However, do you know a pattern for the birds? Also, do you know a pattern for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam? I have twin great niece and nephew and would love to make coordinating Sue and Sam quilts for them. I love that you are offering classes in your studio. I want to become a follower. I see that you follow Sew We Quilt. I hope to see you in some of the blog hops.