Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE...

Today, I am 45.. And I am very grateful for my life, surrounded by loved ones who always supported me for what I love to do most. One of them is enjoying my quilting world.. making quilt as a hobby and taking a big step to teach quilting too.. what a bless!

I made a photo frame covered with a Japanese fabric and I gave it to my sister, I wanted to share my happiness with my sister because it was she who encouraged me to accept the offer to teach quilting.

This beautiful name card designed by my husband. I regard it as a birthday gift.. actually an early gift, because we printed it 3 days ago. I sewed a tiny piece of fabric and a button on my name card.. (I called it "Crazy Little Thing Called Love").. I liked to make something that simple become special.. Hope people will feel it when receive these cards :)

Remember my Pinky Birds applique project?
This block is one of them, "Partridge and Pears". We chose it because it's my favorite one.

I sketched my name card gonna be so poorly.. But look, it turned out so beautifully in my husband's magic touch!

I love "My Buttons in Jars"! 

A surprise gift from my kids at 12:01 AM.. I love you K and K!

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