Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life is Beautiful

Every morning the air was chill and fresh in this rainy season. While I was enjoying my morning coffee I did some drawing for my next project. 

My morning coffee 01 : I am home, the place where I belong. (I just got back from Bali)

My morning coffee 02 : In the fate of love. We loved with a love that was more then love.

My morning coffee 03 : Heart is a basket of love.

My morning coffee 04 : The butterfly counts not month, but moments, and yet has time enough.

My morning coffee 05 : Love is like wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.

My morning coffee 06 : One should grow in love, like a tree thats grows. Takes root for trunk and branches, leaves for nourishment, and age for strength.

My morning coffee 07 : Home is where my coffee always tastes so yummy!

Soon I will start to sew,  after I finish a few more patterns. I still need two or three more block designs. The theme of this project is "Life is Beautiful". I've got flower's garden, lovely hearts, basket of flowers, butterflies, stars in the sky, trees, and home sweet home.
I think I will draw some pets, like cat and rabbit  to complete it :)

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Roos said...

I'm looking forward to your blocks, the drawings look great.