Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fun Project in a Rainy Day: Pretty Table Runner.

These days always raining here, even if it did not rain the sky is always cloudy. And the atmosphere becomes cold, makes us always want to pull up our quilt and back to sleep again or just laze around.

But not today, after having a cup of coffee (look, my coffee table was wet because of the rain).. I want to cheer up my day by cutting some nice fabrics.. Sweet sweet colors: Pink, Green, Blue and Purple.

Table runner, fun project in a rainy day ;) .. I've made simple quilt design and I will quilt it later, I want to practice machine quilt.. hmmmm!

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” 

Find tutorial here.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin : Happy Halloween!


Here's my orange pumpkin.
Big and fat and round.
It's the very best one,
I could find downtown.
Now I need to make a nose.
A mouth.. some eyes.
Or mother will use it..
To cook or bake some pies.
(Author Unknown)

Sweet Pumpkin Soup                         Pumpkin Banana Bread

Last-minute project: Little tote bag with pumpkin appliqué. I made it without a pattern, just cut cut cut then sewed.. I will bring my yarns and knitting needle in it, I like to meet my knitting friends tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

X-mas Ornament : Angels.

You know what's a great gift you can give for your friends or family? I think something that you make by yourself will be a great gift .. 2 months until Christmas.. Still have a lot of time!

I don't celebrate Christmas but I just love to share an idea for those who celebrate it, especially for my quilting friends.. (I forgot where I've seen this angel ornament, but I do remember how it looks).

You need:
2 Different of fabrics 15cm x 15cm (robes).
2 Felt 12cm x 14 cm (wings).
1 Broken white fabric 8cm x 8cm (head).
1 Felt 4cm x 4cm (head).
1 cardboard 3,5cm diameter.
Gold ribbon & gold thread.

Have you seen "You've Got Mail"? I watched that movie more then a hundred times (LOL).
This morning, I used my favorite movie CD as a template then I turn it on in the CD player and I watched Tom Hank and Meg Ryan again and continued my crafting.

To make a circle for the angle's robes, find tutorial here.

Fold collar for the robes and stitch together in the middle. Sew 2 heart shape of felt with running stitch to make angel's wings. For the head make yo-yo and fill it with felt and cardboard.

Put ribbon on the head, draw eyes (used waterproof pen) and give a little face powder on the cheek.
Put the robes on the wing and the head on upper of the collar. You can sew or use glue to put them together.

Sew a long thread on the top of the head to hang these cute angels on your christmas tree.

The best scene with a lovely song...

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I Am so Happy!

First quilting class in my studio.. yay!
Need extra table because the number of participants reaches maximum capacity :)

I invited my sister to be the first teacher in the studio. She taught Stack and Whack technique.

Everyone should be happy when they are in my studio.

 Ladies don't forget to do your homework (11 blocks to go).. Keep happy in sewing!

Monday, October 07, 2013

HAPPY IN QUILTING : Cipete Quilt Community Gathering and Exhibition.

Sitting among quilters who attended a workshop and looking at all beautiful quilts that hang around the workshop room was very enjoyable.. Cipete Quilt Community's member made gorgeous quilts, they are very productive in making  new quilts every year. Yesterday was their 5th gathering and exhibition.

This year at the workshop we learned 2 projects. Hexagon Flower and Folded Hexagon.
A little bit in rush to finish the project because of limited time that we had, so I brought home the unfinished project after the workshop. (this picture is their sample)

The exhibition has been held outside the workshop room. Some booths filled by small groups of quilters under Cipete Quilt Community.They sold their quilts and some of them offered quilting classes.
I met two nice ladies who offered me their quilting class, and I said I also teach quilting too.. we laugh together and then we exchanged our business card (do you remember my name card?).. Well, I hope someday to be able to collaborate with them :)

My quilter friends from Melati Patchwork Bekasi (my sister's quilting group), they said they want to visit my home studio.. I look forward for you to come, my dear friends!

She is Nisa Hariadi (right), the owner at Nisa The Art of Quilt and the Leader at Cipete Quilt Community.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Little House on Needlebook.

Don't throw away the small pieces of your fabric or laces, especially if it's a nice one. I made this needlebook from scraps that I kept.
I will bring my needle book to the quilting workshop at Cipete Quilt Community Gathering and Exhibition on October 6th in Jakarta, can't wait to meet my quilter friends again ;)

 Find tutorial here.