Monday, October 07, 2013

HAPPY IN QUILTING : Cipete Quilt Community Gathering and Exhibition.

Sitting among quilters who attended a workshop and looking at all beautiful quilts that hang around the workshop room was very enjoyable.. Cipete Quilt Community's member made gorgeous quilts, they are very productive in making  new quilts every year. Yesterday was their 5th gathering and exhibition.

This year at the workshop we learned 2 projects. Hexagon Flower and Folded Hexagon.
A little bit in rush to finish the project because of limited time that we had, so I brought home the unfinished project after the workshop. (this picture is their sample)

The exhibition has been held outside the workshop room. Some booths filled by small groups of quilters under Cipete Quilt Community.They sold their quilts and some of them offered quilting classes.
I met two nice ladies who offered me their quilting class, and I said I also teach quilting too.. we laugh together and then we exchanged our business card (do you remember my name card?).. Well, I hope someday to be able to collaborate with them :)

My quilter friends from Melati Patchwork Bekasi (my sister's quilting group), they said they want to visit my home studio.. I look forward for you to come, my dear friends!

She is Nisa Hariadi (right), the owner at Nisa The Art of Quilt and the Leader at Cipete Quilt Community.

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