Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Wednesday Fun Project - Reversible Purse

My friends wanted an easy and fun project. And they asked it for free.. (No charge, please Ibu!).
The ladies are so funny, I like them. We talk and laugh a lot, we share a lot of things while we were sewing.. they make me happy every Wednesday!

I prepared the pattern "Reversible Purse" from Martha Stewart  and brought some fabric that already cut from home. So at the end of our class project, we started to make this fun project.

I didn't show them this bag, it's a surprise gift. But I only made one bag, I asked them to write down their name on a piece of paper and put it in a box, then I picked one name with my eyes close. Only one person looked so happy, and the others shouted... arrrgghhh!!!

So, I said :"Ok..ok, I will pick one more name and I will give this unfinished bag!".
I bet you can guess how they start to scream again...LOL

Then they said : " Ibu, please make a fun project again next week!".
And I said : "...Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!!".


Endang said...

Jadi ingat adikku, seorang penjahit yang juga hobi breiyen, ngrenda, dan macem2 kerajinan lain dari benang dan kain.
Keep your good work dear.....

wienblog said...

Thank you ibu sayang! :)