Saturday, October 29, 2011


About 7 months ago, I went to Quilt'nCalicoes Store in Singapore. Nice quilt store with many interesting stuff but the prices are quite expensive... hiks!
I couldn't  spend much there, not the right time.. I should save some more money for this purpose .. and I'll be back.. I hope! :)

Well, I did buy some little things.. I got some fabrics :) and Kimono Kits and Pattern.
My Kimono project has done last week, I combined with some local fabric that I bought in Jakarta.

Do you know which are local fabrics? :))


Roos said...

What a beautiful quilt, I don't know which could be the local fabric but I like's them all.

wienblog said...

Thanks Ross.
Fyi, 6 of them on upper side are local fabrics :)