Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Little Show

Today is "Teacher's Day (Hari Guru Nasional)" in Indonesia.
What makes a teacher proud
If people are given a lesson can make a better than what their teacher had done.
I am so proud of them, they make this beautiful works in our happy quilting class.

Congratulation, ladies!
Mrs. Alan's and Mrs. Debby's

 Ms.Kristi's and Mrs. Lira's

Mrs. Melati's and Mrs. Hera's
Mrs. Silvi's
Mrs. Cindy's and Mrs. Kiki's         

I hope you all always happy  when you are making your next own projects, gals! 


Roos said...

What a beautiful quilts they are making...

wienblog said...

Yes,Roos. Can you imagine, this is their first quilt project :)