Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Morning: November Rain

Rainy season has come, do we need an umbrella?.
We can hear the raindrops falling, it sounds like a song, 
and we will sing along in our hearts.

A cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate will give us warmth. 

And we can feel love is in the air that will give comfort.

4 AM, it was too early to wake up on Sunday morning. But I couldn't go back to bed again, so I took my book and do some sketches. I finished up 3 blocks of simple applique when my kids asked for breakfast at 11 AM .. is it breakfast or lunch? :D


Lis said...

11 AM breakfast or lunch you asked ;) I would say Brunch! ;)
Nice work you are doing on an early sunday morning! ;))

wienblog said...

Hi Lis, you are right.. but my kids asked for big heavy meal call early lunch...Lol
I took a long nap after that. I have a plan to combine them with some piecing blocks or make some more applique block..wish me luck! :)