Saturday, July 28, 2012

"12 of 12" - Part 1

"12 of 12", the original patterns are 12Days of Christmas Blocks.. My mom's friend gave me the patterns about 15 years ago, I am glad I kept the file save in my file folder in a box.
Every morning, I tried to find an idea for taking picture for these blocks. Just love to do it in this way, I always set them with my applique scissors and my morning coffee/tea, and some of them with my morning activity things ;)
1. My son likes to play drum. Stroopwafel is his favorite. 
2. I like embroidery. See the hoop, it is my mom's old hoop.  
3. My husband is a talented animator. It was his birthday. 
4. My daughter loves cereal for her breakfast. And never forget her cookies after that. 
I chose all colors for the applique blocks base on colors in this fabric.. isn't it beautiful?
Yes, this beautiful fabric will be use for sashing and border.. and I will cut it soon! ;)
Sweet sweet colors as sweet as my desserts ;))


rahmadhani said...

Every block have a different story
Love the colour

FarahLin said...

Love your applique blocks! Beautiful designs and great choice of fabrics!