Sunday, August 12, 2012

Silent Star

Moslem fasting month nearly end, next week we will celebrate Eid al fitr. We will have one full week holiday for schools and offices. I have set up a new project for this holiday... can't leave my quilting things behind, because I know I will have time before kids and hubby's late wake up in their vacation days..Lol

I'll make another quilt for my son. This year is his last grade in high school, I would encourage him to do the best so he can go to university that he wants... He is interesting in Art :)
I showed him this block and he liked it, he said that he likes the red color in the center. And he asked me to posting tutorial for that block. "Ok son, mommy will do it!" ;))

For one block of Silent Star, we need:

 1 Hourglass Block

4 Hourglass (variation) Blocks

4 Half Square Triangle Blocks

Well, I'll posting the tutorial later.. Now, I have to prepare food for breaking our fasting time, kids like savory foods and I like something sweet, must prepare both :))


FarahLin said...

beautiful block

wienblog said...

Thank you, @FarahLin!