Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Little Show 02

You'd like to make your first quilt, but it's all so confusing. Where to start? Then you should learn the basic for beginner! 

3 points that I told my new quilting friends :
First, be realistic with your beginning projects, choose some simple blocks.
Second, don't be so critical of your work, be proud that you finished the project. That's an achievement!.
Third, ENJOY the process! :))

These pictures are from our Sampler Piecing Class.


-1) Ms. Innet - 2) Mrs. Beng - 3) Mrs. Donna - 4) Ms. Hanna - 5) Mrs. Cynthia 
- 6) Mrs. Lusi -7) Mrs. Rian

It feels good to see your improvement with each block you complete. Great works, ladies!

Next, quilting time :))
For beginners, perfection is overrated.. Just do the best you can for where you are now.. 
Just enjoy and have fun!


FarahLin said...

They're all beautiful! This brings back memories of my first quilt! Thanks for sharing!

MamaDaniel said...

wow! simple blocks with nice choice of colors.. keep it up ladies... :D