Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fabrics Hunting : Tanah Abang

Last week my sister asked me if I want to join her to do "Fabric Hunting".
Her text message : Sis, do you wanna go to Brotherland this weekend?.
I wondered: What is Brotherland?.. Is it a new place like Disneyland?.
Then she called me with her big laugh. It's Tanah Abang, sis!...(LOL) She got me!
( In Bahasa Indonesia: Tanah means Land, and Abang means Brother)

So we went to Tanah Abang yesterday morning. Tanah Abang is subdistrict of Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The subdistrict hosts the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia, Tanah Abang Market.

The best time to go there is in the morning (around 9AM we already there), because in the afternoon it's very crowd. People come from everywhere and the traffic was worst (we don't want to get stuck in there).

My sister is the best guide in Pasar Tanah Abang, she knows exactly the way from one shop to another shop. I always followed her, I don't want to get lost there.
Just in case I need to go there again, I have to remember the shop's name and their places so I took some picture of the shops with my phone camera... but still I don't think I can go there by my self :).
"Sumber Katun" is my favorite shop. Pak Mulyadi the owner is a nice guy. His fabric collections and the prices are nice. I like him because he will tell you if there is a defect on the fabrics, and he will let you choose if you want to buy it or not, it's ok with him.

Here are the other shops that sell cotton fabrics.

 And here's the results of my hunt..
and these batiks are my favorite.

Quilter's say:
I love quilting and have plenty of material witnesses... And my husband lets me buy all the fabrics I can hide! (LOL)


Roos said...

What a nice shops and what a beautiful fabrics you bought.

wienblog said...

Yes Ross, it is a big textile market, they have any kind of fabrics. But Cotton shops are my target ;)

Anonymous said...

I prefer to call it "redland" than "brotherland" (abang means red in javanesse language) hihihihii...

In my hometown makassar, its quite hard to find a cute and unique cotton fabrica .So, redland is a must visit place when I go to jakarta :)

wienblog said...

Hi Naya, if you call it Redland the taxi driver will take you to the North Jakarta district called Tanah Merah..hahahaa

If you go to Tanah Abang, you can ask for the owner shop's BB pin, next time you can order it through BB from Makassar ;))

apartment kuala lumpur said...

Hello, How's the price like there? Which is better - Tanah Abang or Majestic?

Endah said...

Hai mba...
Salam kenal, saya Endah. Suka sama bahasan ttg fabric shop, sekalian utk referensi saya juga.
Makasih ya mba...
Hasil karya quiltnya jg bagus2...

wienblog said...

Hello friend (from KL) , sorry for the late reply. About the price most fabrics at Tanah Abang are cheaper then Majectic, but you should check the quality of the fabric before you buy it.

wienblog said...

Hi mba Endah , makasih dah mampir.. semoga berguna dan happy shopping! ;)

Eylianie Ahiri said...

where did you buy the batik?

Janny S. said...

Love your fabrics.
I go to the pasar malam (Tong Tong Fair)
In The Hague once a year.
They sell beautifull Indonesian batik fabrics which I like very much.
Make beautifull quilts of your fabric.
Greetings from Janny Schoneveld, Holland.