Wednesday, December 05, 2012

LeMoyne Star : Big Star

Why would I want to sew fast? Do I need to speed it up?
Well, actually I like hand sewing, making applique project and sitting on my coach and listened to slow music.  But I want to challenge myself, so I chose an easy project with 24"x24" block size. I had to learn the tricks how to finish it quickly and correctly.
I made this LeMoyne Star block about 2 weeks ago, but I didn't feel to continue it.. I wasn't in the mood so I put it aside.

Yesterday, I started this project again...

Get Set !!! .. Set the right tools. Cut all the piecing fabrics or used precut fabrics.

Ready.. Sew !!! Make sure your spare bobbins loaded. Check the seam allowance, if your machine don't have a 1/4-inch foot you can put a strip of masking tape as a 1/4-inch sewing guide.

Chain sewing!.  Saves time and thread when sewing multiple units.

Speed-piecing!. Then press carefully, place an iron near the working space.

7 done, 2 more to go!

This song became the background music while I'm speeding up my work. The song tittle doesn't match but the music is great for a high speed spirit.. and I love Rob Thomas! (...)

Something came up.. Scary bee suddenly appeared at the window in front of my sewing machine. This buzzing bee scared me, I had to stop my work and run...

Today, I finish 2 more LeMoyne Star blocks and assembling the quilt.

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