Monday, January 28, 2013

Beautiful Life : Butterfly and Friends.

After five appliqué flowers for 11th row, I finished up my 10th row this morning..
Butterflies, dragonfly and ladybug will flying around my flowers.. so lovely!

The butterfly counts not month, but moments, and yet has time enough.

The Dragonfly hums its way through life, dipping its wings in the sun to shine.

The Ladybug, a humble little creature of this earth, so satisfied with his turf.
The 9th row should be piecing/patchwork blocks, but I am going to put it a side for awhile. I will make the 8th row, still appliqué blocks. I still want to enjoy my sitting and calm time and listen to my favorite songs.. (No need to rush!)

I love this song, Sting and the movie too ;)


dewi said...

kalau udah digabung pasti cantik banget deh sabar liatnya :)

salam kenal ya mbak...

wienblog said...

hai mb Dewi, terimakasih sudah mampir.. sabar ya kalau mau liat, perlahan tapi pasti nih ngerjainnya! he3

karya mb Dewi bagus2 ;)