Thursday, February 07, 2013

Beautiful Life : Pets

The majority of people like having a pet in the house, but not me. I don't like any kind of pet. I don't like their smell and don't like to take care of them.. a lot of work to keep them at home.
My kids asked for a pet every single day since they were little. I always told them : "Yes, we can keep ant if you want a pet" (LOL).

But I changed, about 4 years ago I suddenly agreed when my kids and my hubby ask for a cat at the pet shop.. when I looked at the kitten eyes, I fell in love with this little creature. We named him "Master Yoda", and he has some babies from our friend's cat. But we gave them away, we only keep him. One is enough :))

One day, my daughter brought a little turtle. She called him "Kiddo". She keep him in her room. Having a pet to take care of will teach a child responsibility, and a pet is a friend for them.

When I was young, our neighbor left their dog when they move. My mom liked to keep him, his name was "Kincit". My mom took a good care of him. She fed him with our leftover food. She gave him a bath using one brand hair shampoo.. a famous brand and we never use that shampoo until now because it smelled like Kincit (LOL)

Back then again, still when I was young my dad has two chirping birds. He named his birds "Kamandaka"and "Kamandanu". If I'm not wrong those names are from Sundanese's folklore. Every weekend, I went with my dad to chirping bird contest.. He put the birds in the back of his yellow pickup car. I didn't understand about the contest, I just loved to go out with my dad.

Bunny the rabbit.. they are cute but I don't think I want to have them... too much work work work. 
So all I can do to have them is to make this cute appliqué block. ;)

People say:
If you are as good as your pet believes you to be, you are probably a really good person.


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