Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Charity Project : Dolls for Orphanage

We have charity project, making dolls for orphanage children. We made adorable dolls with simple pattern from Make it & Love it (Thank you Ashley, GBU!)
We had so much fun when we made these dolls and kids love them.
My friends who still have little children should make more then one doll, because their kids don't want to let go the first doll that their mom made for the charity.. hohohooo

So, I told moms to give their first doll to their own kid and then make a lot for others! ;)

My daughter made a boy and I made a girl dolls.

"Mom, my doll's shoes has different size, and their hands look weird!".
..That's fine sweetie, you have a perfect heart to share.. that's the important thing!

How cute she is.. She made me smile because she is really cute with her skirt. 

And ribbons on her hair make her pretty... (We LOVE You) ..we want to share our love to the orphanage children.

We will collect dolls from our friends (Quilter and Crafters Indonesia) until 31st of March 2013.. I hope we can make a lot!

Here are some of them, I will posting them again later when new dolls arrive ;))

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Pingkan Anita D. said...

Pretty dolls. I love it.