Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beautiful Life : Basket and Flowers

These basket and flower blocks are going to be in 9th row of "Beautiful Life" Project, and they are the last block that I should make.
I continued again my "Beautiful Life" project after we did our charity project "Dolls for the Orphanage". Right now, we are waiting for friends to send their dolls to us until March 31.

We are a basket, a place to gather a lot of things.. 

I put flowers appliqué on my basket, I cut the appliqué flower from the fabric.

And I made these 6"square flower blocks to put beside 12"square basket block.. what flower are they?

Making simple beauty things can make us happy, and sharing it to others is blessing. Can't wait to see my friend's dolls.. Ohh my mind still on Dolls Project ;)

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Weny Dani said...

That's one awesome quilt! Love it!
*Salam kenal:-)*