Thursday, October 17, 2013

X-mas Ornament : Angels.

You know what's a great gift you can give for your friends or family? I think something that you make by yourself will be a great gift .. 2 months until Christmas.. Still have a lot of time!

I don't celebrate Christmas but I just love to share an idea for those who celebrate it, especially for my quilting friends.. (I forgot where I've seen this angel ornament, but I do remember how it looks).

You need:
2 Different of fabrics 15cm x 15cm (robes).
2 Felt 12cm x 14 cm (wings).
1 Broken white fabric 8cm x 8cm (head).
1 Felt 4cm x 4cm (head).
1 cardboard 3,5cm diameter.
Gold ribbon & gold thread.

Have you seen "You've Got Mail"? I watched that movie more then a hundred times (LOL).
This morning, I used my favorite movie CD as a template then I turn it on in the CD player and I watched Tom Hank and Meg Ryan again and continued my crafting.

To make a circle for the angle's robes, find tutorial here.

Fold collar for the robes and stitch together in the middle. Sew 2 heart shape of felt with running stitch to make angel's wings. For the head make yo-yo and fill it with felt and cardboard.

Put ribbon on the head, draw eyes (used waterproof pen) and give a little face powder on the cheek.
Put the robes on the wing and the head on upper of the collar. You can sew or use glue to put them together.

Sew a long thread on the top of the head to hang these cute angels on your christmas tree.

The best scene with a lovely song...


CatNCart Craft said...

Great tutorial, thank you
Looking forward to making some this Christmas

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the idea and the tutorial! I made my versions and I loved this project. Check it out on my blog:

Wona said...

Does anyone have any suggestion for a permanent cheek color. I'm trying to add this to a quilt block.

Ronnie said...

These angels are adorable! Thanks for sharing the tute!

Edi said...

Adorable, thank you for sharing :)

Pia said...

Che simpatica idea! Grazie per la condivisione!

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Jane Skoch said...

Thank you for your wonderful inspiration! I used it to create an angel for a customer out of her father's shirt.

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Nguyễn Quỳnh said...

thank for you sharing, I like it

sandieg said...

How lovely. Also I love the fact that although you don't celebrate Christmas you have included this tutorial for us all. Sharing is fantastic.
I'm going to enjoy trying these

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SHELIA Heverin said...

This would be a nice memory ornament using loved ones clothing (for robes).

sandieg said...

Leaving this as I keep seeing unwanted spam posts which have nothing whatsoever to do with crafting.
I am interesting in craft and not in something in gaming

Denise Sutcliffe said...

Where is the template for the heart shaped wings? Thanks

Iris McCathie said...

Great tutorial I have just made 2 and they look great - Thank you

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Albert Smith said...

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Alex Milner said...

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Charli Robinson said...

Oh my goodness! These are THE cutest!
Thank you for sharing w/instructions.

Syl said...

I plan to make some of these angels.

A few editorial notes:

1) In the list of materials needed, you use the metric system, but in directions, you use imperial. It would be best to use both, or only one system throughout. In other words, be consistent.

2) Two "different of" fabrics? You could say either "two different fabrics" or "two different colours, or patterns of fabric"

3) What is Broken white fabric? Is this a brand name or a type of fabric? An Intenet search was not helpful. I wonder if this is due to translation and what is meant is "a scrap of fabric" as that makes more sense.

4) Add the step of cutting the cardboard template for the head. The size of this piece is given only in the list of materials, not with construction details.

5) Where is the template for the heart?

6) "Sew two heart shape of felt" should be "Sew two heart-shaped pieces of felt"

7) "For the head make yo-yo (you assume readers know what a yo-yo is) and fill with felt?? Don't you mean a tiny bit of fibre-fill?

The craft idea is a good one. It is important to have someone proofread instructions before posting a tutorial.

Marci said...

I love these angels! I will be hosting a sewing group this month and these will be the feature craft. Thank you so much!

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